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Welcome to Autism Spectrum Mandate Services

At Autism Spectrum Mandate Services, we understand that Autism has a dramatic and lifelong impact on individuals with this diagnosis and their families. We strive to create the most effective learning experience and promote positive change across all aspects of their lives.

*Now Offering Services in Georgia

Now offering services in the Metro Atlanta (GA) Area in addition to New Jersey

Autism Services in NJ: High Quality Interventions for Children with Developmental Disabilities

Autism Spectrum Mandate Services is an organization for children, adolescents, and young adults ages 0-30 with autism and other developmental disabilities. We utilize current research in applied behavior analysis (ABA) to improve communication, behavior, social, leisure, self-care, feeding and toileting skills.

Autism Spectrum Mandate Services’ mission is to provide research based, applied behavior analysis (ABA) services funded through the family’s private insurance plan.  We also fund and provide opportunities for social activities within the community for individuals on the autism spectrum.


We offer you the best autism services by the best certified staff

Director of Georgia Services:

Laura Henderson, MA, BCBA

Director of RBT Staff & Trainings:

Geralyn Kelly, MA, BCBA

Director of Quality Services:

Emily DuCoin, MA, BCBA

Director of Social Skills & BCBA Interns:

Jessica Wroble, MA, BCBA

Board Certified Behavior Analysts:

Dennis Berenato, MA, BCBA

Daria Ichtchuk, MA, BCBA

Julie Winistorfer, MA, BCBA