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Christopher’s Story

We met Chris when he was 15 years old six months ago. He had a vocabulary of less than 10 words and used to build 100 piece puzzles repeatedly along with watching Barney videos during his leisure time. He also made loud vocalizations in his home and community. He was only able to receive therapy 2-3 days a week due to his sisters’ busy after school schedule.

Even though Chris receives a limited amount of therapy, he now uses the Proloquo2Go to communicate his needs. He is able to ask for foods and activities. He navigates three steps independently to make requests and comments. He uses this form of communication at school, at home and in the community. Chris has also learned to play catch and other games with his sisters and therapists, fold towels and sort his clothes. He has also become more proficient at washing and drying his hands. His parents are also able to get his to stop loud vocalizations in public by using a visual prompt. Recently, Chris went overseas on a family vacation and behaved appropriately on the plane and at the resort. We are continuing to work with Chris and are proud of his progress.

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