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Richie’s Story

We began seeing Richie in 2013 when he was 12 years old.  At that time Richie attended a private school for the disabled due to verbal and physical aggression.  His parents had to isolate him from his siblings due to these behaviors.  Samantha Sarin (BCBA) worked with Richie and the family to help him express his needs and feelings more verbally in addition to also desensitizing him to situations that caused the aggressions.  After 3 years of therapy Richie now attends his local high school and is involved in social activities including playing on a hockey team.  Furthermore, Richie is going to be volunteering to assist children with special needs.  Richie has gone from a child with behavioral challenges to an adolescent without challenges.  We are so proud of Richie, his family, and in Richie’s words “Ms. Samantha Rocks”.

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